How much is a human life? And how much is your life? News

Russian newspaper has reported a survey among the Russians, how much they value their lives. it turned out that the cost of living rose in nominal terms, and today the average is 4.5 million rubles. Noticeable increase compared to the year 2014, however, we believe it is only the nominal growth due to the falling value of the ruble.

How much is a human life? And how much is your life? News

Imperor offers its own methods of research the cost of living, which can be applied by every one of you, and to know the exact amount.

First we need to define the measurement system. The ruble is not well suited for this, as its rate varies considerably and changes in relation to the mass of commodities, gold, another world reserve currency. Accordingly, more or less accurate calculation of the cost of living can be done, for example, gold or the dollar.

The first method of calculation of the value of life lies in calculating the potential revenue which can be obtained for a certain time of life. For example, in Russia, a man of 25 years, with an average salary of 360,000 rubles per year and saving this money before retirement age of 60 years, I can say that his life is worth 12.6 million rubles.

The second method of calculation is more individual. It lies in the calculation of costs that are spent on a person throughout life. This includes the maintenance of the child studies at school and university, housing, loans and debts. Some difficulties counting is public spending per person – infrastructure, social security.

Interestingly, comparing the first and the second method, it is possible to calculate the carrying value of human life! And when people answer the question: “How much is your life?” They said something positive balance that, on average, and is 5-10 mln. Rubles. These two methods of calculation suggests a number of conditions, the most important of which – the preservation of current expenses and income for 20-35 years. It will happen or not, it is impossible to say for sure. No society can not guarantee the lack of change, so the accuracy of calculation should take into account all the risks.

How much is a human life? And how much is your life? News

There is a third method, which is human biological value. As you know, nowadays everything is a commodity that has its price. Price person consists of prices of all its organs, which can be put up for sale. The only condition – the quality of organs. The maximum price will be a young man with perfect health. Let’s try to calculate the estimated value of a biological man. Kidneys – 200 thous. $, Liver – 160 thous. $, Heart – 250 thous. $, Bone marrow – 40 thousand. $ Pancreas – 40 thousand. $, Corneas – 5 thousand. $ Skeleton – 5 thousand. $. Translated into current Rublyovy rate will be equal to the value of 45500000 rubles.

Thus, we calculated the value of a person in three main ways that each of you can apply in relation to their own lives.