In Church of All Saints blood was shed News

The awful event occurred on the eve of celebration of Imperial days in Yekaterinburg which have to open very soon on July 10 on blessing of the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill. Also, today on July 9, the Metropolitan Kirill gave reception in the Patriarchal farmstead (near Church of All Saints) concerning the 1000 anniversary of a prestavleniye of the Grand Duke Vladimir – the baptist of Russia. Representatives of public authorities and local government, businessmen, sponsors of the Ekaterinburg diocese and other guests of honor are invited to reception. Suicide in the most known temple of the Ekaterinburg diocese can sadden both holidays.

“On July 7, 2015, late at night in Church of All Saints one young man sined suicides, having pierced himself heart. From a note which he held in hand, it was clear that suicide was planned in advance. He acted promptly, and the death was instant so neither to guess his intentions, nor to prevent to carry out conceived there was no opportunity. The sincere illness was the cause of suicide therefore we ask prayers about unfortunate, a devil slander deprived of terrestrial life that his immortal soul wasn’t scolded. At once on removal of a body from the temple the consecration rank put in such cases “on a temple rejection was made, in it happens to the person will die “, – officially reported in the press service of the Ekaterinburg diocese.

Imperor continues to watch this situation, and also the main events occurring in the Ekaterinburg diocese.