In Great Britain referendum on the country withdrawal from EU began. What are the chances? News

Today in Great Britain a referendum is being held where nationals of the Queen Elizabeth II will decide the question about further presence of the country as a member of European Union. The Queen has told a long ago that she would agree to any decision to be accepted on referendum. The Prime Minister of the country David Cameron maintains the same position.

As we have noted in previous issues the question of Great Britain’s membership in EU became a matter of urgency this year. Opinions were divided.

One of opponents of further participation of the kingdom in this organization was very popular and epatage former mayor of London Boris Johnson, by the way he has Russian origin. A very powerful science society of Great Britain is among adherents of membership in EU, it has addressed to the government with petition where loss of Great Britain were showed in the case if the country breaks the cooperative ties with continental Europe. Also among adherents of the EU membership there are financiers who are afraid that after such landmark decision British stock indexes and a currency will be shocked by sharp fall.

In Great Britain referendum on the country withdrawal from EU began. What are the chances? News   Boris Johnson agitates for withdrawal from EU

Withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU can start the end of this organization as currently London is the largest finance center in European Union. London’s Exchange makes millions operations daily and European operations primarily. The break-up of the EU in the case of Great Britain’s withdrawal was predicted by George Soros – the major investor and manager who maintains an “old team”. He saw the EU to be established and nowadays he prescribes its destruction.

Sure both Great Britain citizens and world elite are divided in their opinion about further existence of EU. Currently several strategies have been worked out according to which one or another event connected to Europe will take place.

According to one of such strategies the chaotization of Europe should start and it will make European countries to join USA as a part of transatlantic integration. It means that Europe should be “weakened” – it should be not just tender to modern global challenges but it should sharply reduce a level and standards of welfare which were developed after Second World War. Hilary Clinton is the nominee for the Presidency in the USA who maintains such opinion.

Another strategy supposes keeping of status quo and strengthen of internal integration and creation of global zones – American (with includes the USA, Canada and Mexico), European (European Union), Chinese. Donald Trump, a nominee to the Presidency in the USA, maintains this strategy.

That is why we can say that today referendum in Great Britain has no less importance than presidential election in the USA this November. One or another strategy will get points today in support of its realization.