In Spain the Prosecutor on the Princess Cristina case was arrested News

Spanish mass media inform that police has arrested the person who was the head of the organization for the fight against corruption “Clean Hands”. Earlier he blamed the sister of the King of Spain the Infanta Cristina in a financial fraud.

In Spain the Prosecutor on the Princess Cristina case was arrested News

It became known that the name of accused person is Miguel Bernard.  The police does not publicize all the materials of the case but they confirm that the man was detained at his Madrid house. More than that, Bernard is not the only person who was detained in this case. There are 11 persons from this organization who were arrested besides Bernard.

The very core of this part of case is that prosecutors brought charges at first and then refused from their statements for bribes. This is the fact which aroused suspicion with the police authorities. Besides it became known that the fund “Clean Hands” asked a large amount of money to withdraw the charges against the Infanta Christina.

She was accused of participation in financial fraud with her husband and other people. The judicial trial has been lasting for several months but still there was nothing concrete decided. The Princess claims that she had no idea about her husband business and what he did with the proceeds.

The Spanish suppose that this scandal is the most notorious for the whole  history of the Spanish Royal family. This fact damages its reputation and shames it in the eyes of the people. Nobody of this country monarchs have never came under the court before.