Julian Assange is no longer persecuted by the police at the Embassy of Ecuador in London News

Recall that Julian Assange in large volumes issued a top-secret materials about the spy scandal, corruption in the higher echelons of power, war crimes and secret diplomacy of the great powers, to publish these materials on its website. Since 2010, the persecution of Assange on suspicion of rape, first in Sweden, then in the UK, where he settled. In Switzerland blocked his bank account, and Interpol announced an international search. Assange himself denies any wrongdoing and says the deliberate fabrikovanii case because disclosure of classified material. Since 2012, Julian asked for asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador, in their territory in London.

Julian Assange continues to guide the site WikiLeaks, which laid incriminating materials also frequently comments on these or other world events. Some say that for the Assange are major world actors interested in the presentation of the material and exposing Western politicians.