July 10. Day in the history News

On July 10, 138 Antonin Pius became the Roman emperor. During government of Italy, Antonin “was given a sign of the imperial power expecting it”. He received excellent reputation during management of Asia in the pro-consul’s rank between 133 and 136 years. There is a history that allegedly during the pro-consulate Tit fought with the most famous sophist of that time Gerod Attik on the mountain Ida. Upon return from the province Antonin was a part of the restored imperial council. He always acted as the supporter of soft measures at the solution of any questions. It gained favor of the emperor Adrian.

July 10. Day in the history News   On July 10, 1040 according to a legend, this day lady Godiva passed bared around the city by Coventry astride a horse to force the husband, the count Leofrik to lower taxes, excessive for citizens. Grateful descendants established a monument to lady Godiva in the city and celebrate this day as a holiday.

July 10. Day in the history News   On July 10, 1547 in France there took place the last duel which is officially allowed by the king. Frequent fatal cases were the cause of a further ban of duels. Despite a ban, duels proceeded so often, as before. Therefore in 1566 the king Charles IX was compelled to issue the decree by which any participant of duel was sentenced to death.

July 10. Day in the history News   Yakov III

On July 10, 1451 Yakov III, the king of Scotland from a dynasty Styuartov, Yakov II’s son was born. At Yakov III convocation of parliament became actually annual. The parliament assumed care of establishing order in the country, to streamlining of judicial system, normalization of monetary circulation and encouragement of trade. The king differed in inconsistency in implementation of transformations that strongly affected management efficiency and caused discontent of the Scottish barons.