July 22. Day in the history News

July 22. Day in the history News   On July 22, 1456 – day of liberation of Belgrade by the Hungarian army from Ottoman conquerors. After a capture of Constantinople in 1453 the Ottoman sultan Mekhmed II collected forces for submission of the Hungarian Kingdom. Boundary fortress in Belgrade was chosen as the direct purpose of blow. Defense of fortress was prepared by the Hungarian nobleman and the military leader Janos Hunyadi participating before in numerous fights against Turks.

July 22. Day in the history News   On July 22, 1795 Spain signed the contract under which it left the colony of Santo Domingo — east half of the island of Haiti. The island since the end of the XVII century divided between France and Spain became, at last, common.

July 22. Day in the history News   Horse trams on Nevsky Avenue before Great Gostiny dvor

On July 22, 1863 in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Avenue the first test of the horse tram took place. The first horse trams appeared in the USA in the 1832nd year. But the new type of transport reached St. Petersburg only in thirty years. On September 21, 1862 the charter of the 1st Association of the horse railroads was approved. The general aide-de-camp count Adlerberg, the valid councilor of state count Stroganov, guards the colonel Dietmar and the Sevastopol merchant of the 1st guild Kanshin were his founders. By 1863rd year the first three lines were built.

July 22. Day in the history News

On July 22, 2013 the Prince George of Cambridge, a full name George Alexander Louie was born. George he received a name in honor of the king George VI — the father of the great-grandmother Elizabeth II, Alexander — in honor of the second name of Elizabeth II (her full name — ” Elizabeth  Alexandra Maria”), Louis (Ludovic) — in honor of Luis Mountbatten — the military leader, the uncle Prince Philip. The name of Louis also is the fourth name of his father, duke of Cambridge. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the full official title of the prince looks as follows: “His Royal Highness prince George of Cambridge”