July 29. Day in the history News

On July 29, 896 Luka Elladsky, the Greek monk, the founder of the monastery Osios Loukas was born. About 946 Luka lodged on slopes of Helicon. Soon round it the monastic community was formed and construction of the temple for the sake of Saint Varvara round which was begun there was a monastery Osios Loukas. Blossoming of the monastery began after Luka’s death that connect with the legend that when the Reverend asked about liberation of Crete from сарацин, Luka told “Roman will save Crete”, whether and on a question he speaks about the emperor Roman I, not he answered “, but another”. Crete was freed in 961 by the emperor Roman II Mladshy and, remembering a prophecy, directed in Osios Loukas builders with the instruction to construct for the monastery church on similarity of Sacred Sofia.

July 29. Day in the history News   On July 29 — Day of the national anthem in Romania. Verses of the national anthem of Romania belongs to Andrey Mureshan, the poet of the romantic direction, the journalist, the translator, a tribune of an era of Revolution 1848. The name “Waken, the Romanian!” has both the social, and national level; social because imposes the constant state providing transition to the new world; national because attaches this awakening of historical tradition. The anthem contains ennobled “now or never”, existing in other national anthems, from “Payon” with which Greeks were at war in the Marathon and Salamin to “Marseillaise” of the French revolution.

July 29. Day in the history News   Flag of Tyumen

On July 29, 1586 the Moscow voivodes Vasily Sukin and Ivan Myasny founded the city of Tyumen on the river Toure. Tyumen was put on the ancient karavanny road from Central Asia to the Volga region, on so-called “Tyumen drag” for which there was a century fight of nomads of Southern Siberia.

July 29. Day in the history News   Municipal coat of arms Tyumen

Waterways connected Tyumen with lands of Far North and the far East. The initial population of the city corresponded to its boundary situation. The city became populated by generally Perm, solvychegodsky, Veliky Ustyug immigrants. The first place among residents of Tyumen belonged to sluzhily people: to boyars, Sagittariuses, Cossacks. In Tyumen there was one of the first in Siberia the yamskikh of settlements founded in 1605.

July 29. Day in the history News   “Peter the Great’s fleet”. Evgeny Lansere, 1909

On July 29, 1722 the Persian campaign of the Russian army and fleet under Peter I command began. Revolt in the seaside provinces of Persia was the cause of the beginning of new campaign. Peter I declared to the Persian shah that insurgents make sorties on the territory of the Russian Empire and plunder merchants, and that the Russian troops will be entered on the territory of northern Azerbaijan and Dagestan for assistance to the shah in suppression of residents of rebellious provinces. Progress of the Russian troops during a campaign and invasion of Ottoman army into Transcaucasia compelled Persia to conclude on September 12, 1723 in St. Petersburg the peace treaty according to which to Russia send Derbent, Baku, Rasht, provinces Shirvan, Gilyan, Mazenderan and Astrabad.