July 30. Day in the history News

July 30. Day in the history News   On July 30 in Morocco Day of ascension on a throne or, in a different way, Day of a throne is celebrated. This day in 1999 the king of Morocco – Muhammad VI was solemnly crowned. Besides the day reminding of crowning, Day of the Throne is a symbol of unity and independence of the Kingdom of Morocco. This day over all country military parades are carried out, and festive music plays. The king makes the annual address.

July 30. Day in the history News   Carrying out a ceremony of a sacred Participle under two types — bread and wine was one of provisions of the religious doctrine of hussites, and the king of the Czech Republic Wenceslaus IV allowed his carrying out in three Prague churches (Catholic temples). Virgin Mary’s church Snow in which Hussites from all Czech Republic began to gather became one of them. A little from them participated in disorders on streets of Prague and were put in prison according to the decision of city council of the New City. To a town hall of the New City, on Karlova Square, after a morning mass parishioners led by the Hussitsky priest Jan Zhelivsky, with the requirement to release arrested went on July 30, 1419. When the procession came nearer to the building, the stone thrown from a town hall window got to the Sacred gifts which were in a procession. The crowd enraged by this event rushed into a town hall. The judge, the burgomaster, thirteen other members of city council were thrown out in a window. The victims broke about a pavement then the crowd finished them. Such first defenestration became a rotary point between the talk and actions which developed into Hussite wars which proceeded till 1436.

July 30. Day in the history News   Battle under Klyastitsy

On July 30, 1812 there was a battle under Klyastitsy – 3-day fight between French and the separate case of the Russian army on the Petersburg direction at the village of Klyastitsy (nowadays Rossonsky area) on the road between Polotsk and Sebezhem during Patriotic war of 1812. The Russian troops won a victory at Klyastitsy in day of memory of the blessed prince Roman. The image of the Saint prince Roman was written to memory of it on a wall of the Moscow temple in honor of Christ Christ Redeemer.

July 30. Day in the history News   On July 30, 1862 Nikolay Nikolaevich Yudenich, the Russian military figure, the general from an infanteriya was born (1915). One of the most successful generals of Russia during World War I, during Civil war headed forces operating against the Soviet power on the Northwest direction. Last Russian gentleman of the Order of Saint George of the II class.