June 13. Day in History News

June 13, 1373 Anglo-Portuguese Alliance between England (succeeded by the United Kingdom) and Portugal was signed. It is the oldest alliance in the world which is still in force.

June 13. Day in History News   Voivod Michael Shein

June 13, 1611 after two years of siege, the Poles seized Smolensk (not wanting to surrender to the enemy, the last defenders of the city blew themselves). City defended Voivod Michael Shein. Due to the large losses incurred outside Smolensk, the army of King Sigismund III was not able to go to Moscow to help the Polish garrison, and the indentation within the Commonwealth.

June 13. Day in History News   Battle of Lowestoft

June 13, 1655 was Loustoft battle during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. It was a naval battle, which resulted in the Dutch, after suffering considerable losses, suffered a serious defeat. The English fleet commanded by James Stuart, Duke of York, and the Dutch team was Jacob van Wassenaar, Baron Obdam. The Dutch lost the best 17 ships, 3 admirals and 4000, the British – 2 ships, 2 admirals and 2,000. British sources say the 14 sunken ships and 18 captured 2000 prisoners.

June 13. Day in History News   Egor Franzevich Kankrin

June 13, 1843 was a monetary reform in Russia under the leadership of the Minister of Finance Kankrin E.F. The reform has led to the replacement of banknotes and other paper currency banknotes. The reform has allowed to establish in Russia a stable financial system that had prevailed until the beginning of the Crimean War.

June 13. Day in History News   The building of the State Bank at the Bank Bridge.

June 13, 1860 established the State Bank of Russia on the basis of the reorganization of the State Commercial Bank. It was a state-government bank. Fixed capital originally allocated to it from the capital of the state of contingent and commercial banks amounted to 15 million rubles. The reserve capital is limited to 3 million rubles, 1 million of which is allocated from the same sources. The rest of the reserve capital was formed at the expense of deductions from the profit of the bank.

June 13. Day in History News   First electric tramway.

June 13, 1892 in Kiev, launched the first electric tramway.