Kate and William ask paparazzi to stop pursuing the prince George News

The royal family got used to special attention of the press, after all it is part of their everyday life. However sometimes mass media go beyond all limits and if Kate and William are still ready to suffer it in relation to themselves, in relation to the children — the prince George and the princess Charlotte – No. William and Kate asked mass media to stop pursuing the prince George.

The duke and duchess of Cambridge, as well as practically all parents, are glad to share pictures of own children, but want to protect the prince and the princess from paparazzi.

The Kensington palace published the announcement in what it is said that employees of mass media “passed line” in the aspiration to make a photo of the prince George, and their activity now is considered as a potential threat to security of a family.

Kate and William ask paparazzi to stop pursuing the prince George News   Prince George and princess Charlotte

The duke and duchess of Cambridge through the press secretary appealed to mass media to respect the right for a privacy of their family and urge paparazzi to abstain from attempts to photograph the prince George or his younger sister princess Charlotte.

The case which occurred last week is mentioned in the letter of the Kensington palace: the journalist hid in the car with dark glasses at the house of the duke and the duchess and tried to photograph the child by means of a telephoto lens. The suspicious behavior of paparazzi who the whole day stayed in an ambush, disturbed protection of royal family, and the unfortunate photographer was detained.

Kate and William ask paparazzi to stop pursuing the prince George News   Other cases of prosecution of George whom spouses consider by “purpose number one” for paparazzi also were listed in Kate and William address: to photograph the charming successor of a throne, journalists got in the territory of private houses, hid in sandy dunes on a beach and arranged automobile pursuits.

From the letter of the Kensington palace: “It is the incident causing concern, but it isn’t single. Very much afflicts that the such tactics reminding actions of the groups, in the past trying to do more harm than it is simple to take pictures, are used to benefit by photos of the two-year-old boy”.

“In the conditions of increased security measures such actions bear risk for all who has to them relation. A problem that not always perhaps quickly to distinguish the photographer from the person who tries to do harm” — I emphasized the Kensington palace.

The press secretary of the prince William and his spouse Kate reported that the family takes legal steps to secure the children, but hoped that this letter will become a reason for public discussion and will convince publishers that you shouldn’t pay paparazzi earning in such unworthy way.