Look at the sky! Soon it will be possible to see the meteor rain News

The world is approaching the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which particles, burning in the atmosphere to form the Leonids meteor shower, so it was named because of the radiant in the constellation Leo. The comet is approaching the Earth 33 times a year, but the meteor shower can be observed annually. Leonids are famous for strong meteor showers.

Look at the sky! Soon it will be possible to see the meteor rain News

This year the star rain can be seen from 14 to 21 November, the peak of its activity occurs on the night of 17 to 18 of November.

– Install an anticyclone, so clearing at night are possible. However, an accurate prediction on this date we still can not give – said a spokesman for the Kemerovo Natalia Poluektova from the Hydrometcenter.

Quick whitish meteors will fly into the atmosphere at a speed of 71 kilometers per second. A special feature is the Leonid “meteor storm” time of 33 years: in 1966, every hour in the atmosphere burned down more than a hundred thousand fragments of the comet. The next time such a meteorite rain is expected in 2099. And in 2015, the number of outbreaks in the peak will not exceed 20 per hour.

Such natural phenomena does not happen often, they have a very long cycle is repeated. For example, asteroids and comets periodically converes with the Earth, but it happens once in a hundred or even a thousand years.