Memorable celebrations at birthday of the Tsarevitch Alexey Romanov on August 12, 2015 News

On August 12 111 years since the birth of the Saint passion bearer Tsesarevich Alexey are executed. On the Most eminent Kirill’s blessing, the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye, at birthday of Crown Prince Alexey in the memorial Temple of all Sacred and in the spiritual and educational center “Imperial” memorable celebrations will take place.

Memorable celebrations at birthday of the Tsarevitch Alexey Romanov on August 12, 2015 News   On August 11 in 17-00 hours in Church on Blood the All-night vigil will be made. On August 12 in 8-00 hours the festive Divine liturgy will be served. After its termination the prayer to Saint Regal passion bearers in honor of birthday of Crown Prince Alexey will take place.

The tsarevitch Alexey was the long-awaited child: at the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II and Aleksandra Fyodorovna in 1895 — 1901 four daughters one by one were born. The imperial couple visited Seraphim of Sarov’s glorification on July 18, 1903 in Sarov where the emperor and the empress prayed for talent to them the successor.

At the birth it was named by Alexey — in honor of the prelate Alexy Moskovsky. He is baptized in church of the Grand Peterhof Palace on August 11, 1904 the confessor of an imperial family protopresbyter Ioann Yanyshev; its vospriyemnik were: Empress Maria Feodorovna, Emperor German King Prussian, King Velikobritansky and Irish, King Danish, Grand Duke Giessen, Princess Victoria Velikobritanskaya, Grand Duke Alexey Aleksandrovich, Grand Duchess Aleksandra Iosifovna, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich.

In the area of mother Alexey inherited hemophilia which bearers were some daughters and the granddaughter English Queen Victoria. Hemophilia to the descendants was transferred the second daughter of the queen — the princess Alice (1843 — 1878), in a marriage the Great duchess the Giessen and Prireynsky and younger daughter — Beatrisa (1857 — 1944), in a marriage the duchess Battenbergskaya. The daughter of the princess Beatrisa — the queen Spanish Victoria-Evgeny (1887 — 1969) transmitted hemophilia to the sons princes of Alphonso (1907 — 1938) and Gonzalo (1914 — 1934). The sister of the empress Aleksandra Fiodorovna, Crown Prince’s aunt — the princess Irena (1866 — 1953), in a marriage the princess Prussian, told hemophilia to two sons — princes Valdemara (1889 — 1945) and to Heinrich (1900 — 1904) that served as a cause of death of the prince at the age of four years.

Memorable celebrations at birthday of the Tsarevitch Alexey Romanov on August 12, 2015 News   Tsarevitch Alexey. S. M. Prokudin-Gorsky’s photo

The tsarevitch Alexey owing to the illness in many respects limited himself, got used to simple life. He very much loved all connected with the Russian army. “Russian cabbage soup yes porridge and black bread which is eaten by all my soldiers” as he always spoke was favourite food of the Tsarevitch Alexey. Every day brought it test of Russian cabbage soup and porridge from soldier’s kitchen of the Summary regiment; Alexey ate all and still licked a spoon, speaking: “This is tasty, not that our lunch”.

Crown Prince and the successor of the Russian throne Alexey is shot on hands at the father together with parents and sisters in Yekaterinburg, in the Ipatyevsky house in the night of July 17, 1918.