Mikhail Khodorkovsky about fair society in Russia News

On April 18th Mikhail Khodorkovsky took part in the joint press-conference with Evgeniy Chichvarkin during which he told about the prospects of building of just society in Russia, which would be oriented on providing of possibility to participate and to choose

“I have told a lot of times that the leave of nowadays regime doesn’t mean the move to just society. Though today problems are – corruption, break-down of economics, education, healthcare with income with lots of trillions it is result of this regime work. When it leaves the just society will not come itself.”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that the main problem is the absence of trust to the court, mass media, electoral system. Also the problem is the absence of skills to self-organization. There are no political parties who would present the society. That is why Khodorkovsky supposes that transition period will be needed when there is a base of social and political building in Russia thanks to joint efforts  of rights and lefts, multiculturalists and nationalists. On this stage all political forces must work together.

“As for me, I’m ready to work with any political force which shares these values, recognize supremacy of the justice and foundational rights of human and his freedom. All political forces must have possibility to deliver their views to the society.  I see one important task for me – to create conditions for each person in Russia to choose the power in the country.”

To realize this task Khodorkovsky supposes that society self-organization questions, assistance to young politics and educational-political activity are the priority of “Open Russia” as organization which is not a party in modern meaning of this word.

The justice on the Khodorkovsky’s opinion is creation of conditions of honest elections and honest power assignment, reconstruction in Russia of law-governed state, creation of civil society which will be able to reproduce from generation to generation and to generate the power from themselves or to trust the management to professionals. Schemes of society protection from monopolization of the power are the most important. They will make the fair power in Russia.

Imperor reminds that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is living in Switzerland and deals with promotion of some political projects one of which is “Open Russia”. In Russia he is charged of murder of Nefteyugansk mayor in 90s. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been prisoned for more than 10 years for some crimes connected to the major oil company “Yukos”.