Monarchists about the bridge after Kadyrov News

Famous Putin’s patriot of propagandistic nationality Nikolai Starikov made apologie to  Kadyrov’s bridge. This text is so enchanting that we decided to comment its key part. Here it is:

Monarchists about the bridge after Kadyrov News

“Russian Empire was established as a State where descendants of any small population could make their input in the state’s development. We were the only country where ethnic Georgian Bagration could command the army on Borodino field and to give his life for Russia and become its hero forever. Immortalizing of any hero of the Empire is more appropriate in Saint Petersburg. Akhmat Kadyrov is hero of Russia. At any place of the country its hero’s name is a point of pride. Hero of any nationality can and should be an example to be followed at any part of the great state. A Russian hero’s feat does not depend on his birth place as his life was given for a whole country”

Firstly, Pyotr Ivanovich Bagration was never fighting against Russia. He was a descendant of Georgian Princes who became a part of Russian nobility after Georgia has joined Russian Empire on its free will (“spin the pedals and you’ll get a sweet”). That is why it is wrong to compare him with Kadyrov, and it is wrong to compare Kadyrov with any Empire’s citizen of any nationality who was serving to the throne since his childhood.

Monarchists about the bridge after Kadyrov News

He can be compared with Imam Shamil. After imam Shamil was defeated and captured he was sent to honourable exile to Kaluga as alive advertisement “Islamist is lying, you are not being tortured and killed in Russian capture, you are being treated good”. Despite a pointed respect from the Whole-Russia Emperor’s side and perfect conditions for life, imam Shamil:

1.Was not able to come back to Caucasus. A question about appointing him a governor of Caucasus region was not discussed even by absolutely crazy people. And it even couldn’t cross one’s mind in Empire to appoint him to rule a hill-folk when the leader of hill-folk rebellion was defeated with such difficulties.

2.Security of imam Shamil was not great and it performed only honorouble function, there were no thousands of “shamils” on publicly-funded supplies and with support of Third Department.

– Could you accept for a service in Third Department a couple of thousands of hill-men of Murid sect after imam Shamil?


If anybody from Shamil’s security would kill some Petersburg’s socialist-revolutionary the whole security team would be hanged and Shamil would be prisoned in a fortress.

3.Even after he took the oath to Empire at the end of his life nobody even could imagine to award Shamil by Order of St. Andrew Protoclete, the highest reward of Russian Empire. Why? Because when you give the highest reward of the Empire to capitulator-deserter, the other holders of an Order look a little bit strange. “Rara, did you also get the Andrew for being taken prisoner?”

Secondly, regarding “don’t you dare barking at the Hero of Russian Federation”. During Second Chechen War a Hero title were given to every noticeable Chechen commanders who came down to the side of Moscow. As a result news of criminal chronicle began to look as follows:

“The Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov accused another Hero of Russia, Sulim Yamadayev, to be interested in killing of Hero of Russia Akhmad Kadyrov. The Hero of Russia Sulim Yamadayev was killed in Dubai and police of Dubai has put on the international wanted list the Hero of Russia Adam Delimkhanov, accusing him in Sulim’s killing. A brother of killed Hero of Russia, Ruslan Yamadayev, who is also a Hero of Russia, was earlier killed in Moscow by figures, which may be connected to a Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov”.

Monarchists about the bridge after Kadyrov News

As they say, no comments.

Thirdly, if you watch the interview of Kadyrov’s family attentively you’ll see that they don’t say any word about Russia, but they are pointing everywhere that they are serving to Chechen nation (Kadyrov junior added to this expression “I’m a foot soldier of Vladimir Putin”). More than that in one of interviews where Putin was talking about Kadyrov senior he perfectly said “He faithfully served to HIS nation”. Not to “our Russian nation”, not to “our multinational Motherland”, but to “HIS nation”. At this was said by the PRESIDENT of Russian Federation.

And fourthly. The hero of Russian Federation Akhmat Kadyrov became the main mufti of Chechnya after the former mufti Said-Akhmed Alsabekov refused to declare jihad to Russians. And the Hero of Russia Akhmad Kadyrov who came on his place, as Heroes of Russian Federation should do, declared jihad to Russians. And if Hero of Russian Federation can declare jihad to Russians the Russian Federation concerning Russians looks like …. hm.

So let’s sum up a little: Starikov is not just lying (it’s clear), he is making a fantasy-world as good as “Lord of Ring” which doesn’t cross the real life. In National Russia there should be a system of pre-revolutionary orders restored instead of Hero title which is too compromised by Yeltsin-Putin. We will rank honourable sons of Motherland together with Kutuzov and Bagration (both of them are holders of Andrew’s Order) and not with Kadyrov and Delimkhanov.

P.S. By the way, for the whole war of 1812 the Order of St. Andrew Protoclete, despite enormous fights, was granted only once to Tormasov for Kobrin (the first large win of Russian army in the Patriotic War). Because it is a REWARD, and not a jewelry bling.

P.P.S. We forgot to tell the most ridiculous fact: when our army enveloped the Gunib village and offered Shamil to capitulate, he answered, that a proud hill-man would fight till death with damned Russian kafirs, as he was sure that siege of high-mountain village would last for ages. And when our army climbed up at night and came into ground flank Shamil suddenly realized that “Russians, what for we are fighting, let’s be friends, let it be peace!” Or as it is said now by Kremlin-friendly “he wanted to keep young Russian soldiers alive”, yes sure.