Montenegro will join NATO if all members of the Alliance agree News

Montenegro authorities announced that the country was ready to join NATO in the case all the Alliance members countries would approve the Montenegro’s membership. To date the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of NATO claimed that they were interested in the Balkan country participation.

Montenegro will join NATO if all members of the Alliance agree News

During the negotiations to be held on Thursday and Friday leaders of the MFA of NATO member countries will sign a protocol on accession of Montenegro to Alliance, relationship with Moscow and prospects of new convening of meeting Russia-NATO Council, assistance to Afganistan and also cooperation with European Union.

It will be last meeting of leaders of MFA of the Alliance member countries  before the summit of the organization in Warsaw in this year July. On this NATO summit the voting according Montenegro’s membership will be held. After the protocol on accession of the country to the Alliance to be signed, which must be signed by leaders of foreign services of NATO member countries, the ratification procedure of the signed document must be held in all the countries of Alliance. It can take a long time up to several months.

The same time NATO claims that Russia must respect the Montenegro’s choice and not plan aggression regarding this country.

What for the countries aspire to join the NATO? To impart protection functions and the army maintenance to their associates, Americans primarily. NATO membership gives an opportunity not to maintain such a large army as there are zero chances that somebody will attack you because in this case the agreement of collective protection comes into force.