Nazi greeting of the queen News

Video proceeds absolutely not for long – 17 seconds, however this time is enough to see future Queen Elizabeth, her mother Elizabeth and the uncle Edward (the king of Great Britain Edward VIII) who on Nazi welcome the operator, which also could be family member (possibly it is Queen Elizabeth II’s father, the king George VI). Buckingham Palace reacted at once to such news:

“Disappoints that fact that the scenes shot 80 years ago and, probably, being in family archive of Her Majesty from there were taken and used in this way”

Official sources of the queen didn’t begin to deny this fact, only complained about impossibility to keep information in secret today.

Historians, biographers of the queen and simply supporters of the British monarchy find a reasonable explanation of this video, also with their opinion we are solidary. Neither in 1933, nor in 1934 the world knew not that Hitler whom it became in 1939 or in 1941. He was the popular politician which ideas actively extended not only in Germany, but also in other countries, in particular Great Britain and the USA. Speaking to the modern language, the Nazi greeting was “in a trend at this time”. Therefore existence of such video isn’t sensation, and only confirms that the British royal family is very open for the world, its trends and customs.

Nazi greeting of the queen News   Nazi greeting of the queen News   Nazi greeting of the queen News