New airplane MC-21 was issued in Russia News

Russian aircraft companies in Irkutsk have showcased a new airplane named MC-21. It is medium- and short-haul plane both for internal air travel and for international supply. It is informed that the most modern technologies of avia- and engine-construction were used in this plane production.

The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev arrived to the presentation held in Irkutsk. The plane is not flying yet but it shifts along the airport already. Nowadays only one unit of this vehicle is constructed. The second one will be finished soon, in total there are five planes being constructed on the plant which are ready to different degree. Flight testings are planned for the end of 2016 and serial production will be started in 2017.

It took 75 billion rubles for the state to construct a new airplane MC-21. MC-21 is a Russian liner to be issued in three variants – MC-21-200 (150 seats), MC-21-300 (180 seats) and MC-21-400 (212 seats) – on the Irkutsk plant. As it is known the profit from the planes production starts after the 400-500th vehicle construction. Now there are 175 orders for this plane, 50 of them were ordered by Aeroflot.

Naysayers are afraid that plane MC-21 will have the same fate as previous unit “Sukhoi Superjet-100”. They are similar by many specifications. New plane may have the same problems as previous one – lack of orders.