Obama accepted that democracy in the USA worked not as good as it had to News

In the White House there was meeting of the USA President Barack Obama with students of the Faculty of Journalism from several universities. One of questions which were asked the leader was about democracy. So the leader of States announced that it worked not as good as it had to.

Obama accepted that democracy in the USA worked not as good as it had to News

The question was asked by the student of one educational institution, he refered to the Reiter agency who ordered the survey. According to survey results the most of Americans are sure in dishonesty of presidential race and suppose that there are a lot of machinations.

Barack Obama replied that democracy in States functioned really badly. On his opinion for the last years democrats moved to the left and republicans to the right. Is caused difficulties in accepting of important for the country decisions. Even Congress which faced with difficulties now is afraid to turn back not to see there protesting colleagues.

However the President of the USA claimed that he managed to achieve smth good during his governance period. So he is proud for the health care system in the country and that he supported strengthen of the economics which fell because of 2008 crisis. However he considers his main achievement is parenting of two daughters and assistance to his wife Michelle Obama

The leader of the country pointed that he hadn’t thought yet what he was going to do when his place would be occupied by another president (in January). In conclusion he appealed the youth to be more involved in social life and to develop themselves in different directions.