On 27 June. Day in history. News

27 June 363 years of the Roman Empire emperor proclaimed Jovian, restored trimmed under his predecessor right Christian. However, it is tolerant to heathenism, and all areas of the Christian religion. After 7.5 months after the beginning of the reign Jovian died in Bithynia on the way to Constantinople and while not completely clarified circumstances.

On 27 June. Day in history. News   Louis XII

27 June 1462 years was born Louis XII, King of France (1498-1515 gg.). At the beginning of his reign, he eased taxes, cared about improving the justice system. In March 1499 in Blois were assembled notables to develop the rules of the trial. Louis settled the relationship between peasants and owners to determine the exact feudal obligations first. During the judicial reforms, generosity and sincerity was called “father of the nation.”

On 27 June. Day in history. News   Konstantin Pavlovich

27 June 1831, died Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov, the great prince, an honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Konstantin Pavlovich went down in history primarily as a frustrated (though proclaimed) emperor, whose unusual design abandonment of the throne led to a political crisis.

On 27 June. Day in history. News   General T. Sherman and his staff in the trenches outside of Atlanta

27 June 1864 years began the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain during the Battle of Atlanta. Passed in northwest Georgia near Atlanta and summer 1864 and ended with the fall of Atlanta and is largely influenced by the re-election of US President Abraham Lincoln’s second term. It destroyed the last hopes of southerners to preserve the independence of the Confederation since Lincoln was and remained an implacable opponent of the conclusion of a compromise peace with the breakaway of South and to win South over the North in this situation no one seriously did not expect.