On 29 June. Day in History News

29 June 1397 was born John II King of Navarre from 1425, the King of Aragon in 1458, the king of Sicily in 1458. Son of Ferdinand I of Aragon and Eleanor of Alburquerque. One of the kings of the Middle Ages centenarians.

On 29 June. Day in History News   Sergei Yulyevich

29 June 1849 was born Sergei Yulyevich Witte, Russian statesman, Deputy Premier of the Russian Empire. Has made the introduction in Russia the “gold standard” (1897), promoted the inflow in Russian capital from abroad, encouraged investment in railway construction (including the Great Siberian Route). Activities Witte led to a sharp acceleration of the pace of industrial growth in the Russian Empire for what it called “the grandfather of Russian industrialization”

On 29 June. Day in History News   Muhammed Ahmed

29 June 1881 Sudanese preacher Muhammed Ahmеd proclaimed himself the Mahdi (Arabic for “slave true way”), that is, the Messiah, the savior, and led a revolt of peasants and nomads in Sudan against the tyranny of the governors-Europeans. Established Muhammed Ahmed mode (Mahdiyya) based on traditional Islamic law and Sharia courts. The formula of faith (Shahada) was included belief in the Mahdi and the announcement Muhammed is governor of the Prophet and messiah (Mahdi Allah). The pilgrimage in Mecca has been replaced by participation in the holy war. Compulsory charity turned to the state tax. The loose confederation Sudanese of principalities and tribes turned into a centralized theocracy headed by the tribal nobility.

29 June 1882 there was a Tcherny railway accident. Heavy rain and thunderstorms led to the fact that culvert the cast iron pipe under the earth embankment across a deep ravine, can not cope with the influx of water, was destroyed the pressure. As a result of the high mound was eroded to a large extent, the railway line has hung in the air, tore during the passage of trains, resulting in seven of his carriages fell into the void and then were covered with soil liquefaction. As a result of the crash killed 42 people, 35 were injured. In 2003, the station Skuratov in memory of the victims of the disaster by the Tula branch of the Moscow Railway was built a chapel.