Picture from Archchancellor. Anton Bakov tells about the language of Romanov painting News

In order Imperor.net hit unique information about the new project of the Imperial Throne Archchancellor, monarchist party leader Anton Alexeyevich Bakov. We are talking about a large historical canvas, the painting dedicated to the ancestors of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Nicholas III, designed in the spirit of the work of Ilya Glazunov “Eternal Russia”.

Picture from Archchancellor. Anton Bakov tells about the language of Romanov painting News

Picture from Archchancellor. Anton Bakov tells about the language of Romanov painting News

Emperor Nicholas III and his wife Empress Catherine Fiodorovna

The objectives pursued byBakov, are to unlock the potential of the Romanov family. What does this mean? It is said Anton Bakov “The Romanovs – the Third Rome.” Integration capabilities, which are available for the Romanov dynasty in Russia, it is not used, but carry a huge potential. This potential lies in the fact that through dynastic marriages that have occurred for thousands of years, the European elite was formed, part of which are the Romanovs. Russia and Europe have much in common, and the royal house are the link of centuries-old history and culture. At the center of the picture will be located still alive Emperor Nicholas III Kirillovich, followed by his ancestors and relatives of the European royal houses. It will shows the relationship of the Byzantine Emperor and the ancestors of the emperors of the West – the descendants of Charlemagne.

Project of Anton Bakov is designed to acquaint the citizens of Russia with new names, the rulers of Europe and Russia, as well as to update the name of the Emperor Nicholas III in the Russian society. Artistic means of expression – a new format for conveying information, says Anton Alekseevich. This picture is made by young artists creative association “Artel” from Yekaterinburg.

From the “Russian Empire” to “Imperial Throne”

For this purpose, the Imperial Throne Archchancellor Anton Bakov went a very long time. As previously reported Imperor, the path in the service of Emperor Nicholas Kirillovch was through the creation of various monarchical structures. More remains to hearing from citizens of Russia the phrase “Russian Empire by Anton Bakov.” And by the way, five years ago, it was a full-fledged state, which existed only on the internet. Online government to issue passports, including Edward Snowden, a well-known US NSA employee, which revealed classified information about the work of the unit of spying on European leaders. Besides the lack of territory, “Russian Empire” had no emperor until June 1, 2013 Nikolai K. Leyningensky not ascended to the throne with the name of Emperor Nicholas III. After gaining the Emperor had to secure territory and gain international recognition. Anton Bakov therefore decided to abandon the online format and name the real state of a new type of “sovereign state to the imperial throne.” In the new state Emperor bestowed the position of Anton Bakov (Supreme Chancellor), has broad powers in the executive branch. After negotiating and signing relevant agreements about palace was started in Montenegro near the town of Niksic. These and other diplomatic contacts Archchancellor Anton Bakov read the material Imperor.

Picture from Archchancellor. Anton Bakov tells about the language of Romanov painting News

Anton Bakov

Imperial Throne, unlike many Western nations, proclaims Christianity as its ideology and Christian values ??- fundamental in the construction of domestic and foreign policy. This is the potential that in conjunction with the Crown means the transfer of power, provides infinite existence of peoples and civilizations of the world without wars and revolutions.

Monarchist party. Ideological Front

Monarchist Party of Russia – another structure, only purely Russian format, designed for the political system of modern Russia. As with any party, the monarchist party intends to legally fight for power, offering its own ideology, based on Christian values, which professes the imperial throne. In 2013, the monarchist party to nominate candidates for the post of the Head of Ekaterinburg. This candidate was Anastasia Bakova. City residents still remember the bright signs and billboards, humorous way talking about the problems of Yekaterinburg.

Picture from Archchancellor. Anton Bakov tells about the language of Romanov painting News

Monarchist Party Congress

Among the most important of monarchist party there is one to inform and educate people, to talk about the prospects and opportunities for the integration of Russia into the European space in the form of monarchy. And if today many argue that the world needs an ideology, the monarchist party is ready to present the idea of ??the Christian world, which can become a rallying point for the peoples of Russia and Europe.

The value of the painting to Russia and all over the world

The canvas depicting ancestors and relatives of the Emperor Nicholas III is the link that connects Russia and Europe. It is a symbol of Christendom today, which will be distributed through the media around the globe and find supporters in different parts of the world. For the citizens of Russia they will have a picture of multiple values. Firstly, it’s artistic value. These paintings are not often appear and are put on public display. Secondly, this is informational and educational project. In fact, this product will be to study the history of Europe and Russia without ethnic and religious divisions. Third, it will be one of the main tourist attractions of Yekaterinburg, the museum one huge picture, which prophetically spoke D.Granin. The modern view of the history of civilization gets through artistic expression through the hands of masters “Artel”, which will soon begin to perform work.