Pope Francis supports large families News

During his visit to the Philippines Pope Francis said he respected families with many children. In his opinion, healthy family is important in today’s society.

“Comfort and hope fills the form of many families who take the child as a true gift from God. They believe that every child is a blessing. I have heard such opinions that large families and the birth of a large number of children is one of the causes of poverty. It seems to me that this is oversimplified opinion. I can tell you all that the main cause of poverty is an economic system that does not put at the center of the person, and the money that became a god, an economic system that excludes always excludes children needs , youth, the unemployed and create culture rejection, in which we all live. We are used to seeing people rejected. This is  the main cause of poverty, rather than families with children “,- said Pope Francis.

The Holy Father said that during his meeting with young people and their families in the Philippines, recalled St. Joseph, who protected the life of a very well respected in the country of the Child Jesus, according to the Catholic Media Center.

“I remembered that it is necessary to protect the family, which faces different threats, so that they can witness the beauty of the family in God’s plan. You also need to protect them from the new ideological colonization, threatening their identity and mission”, – said the Pope.