Prince Charles, pub and Wi-Fi News

Small Ceredigion village, which has stepped into the 21st century, thanks to his local pub and Prince Charles.

Talgarreg, is located in the countryside of Wales between Llandysul and new quay. Tiny town doesn’t even have a mobile signal. This is soon to change as the lessor Hefin Evans and his wife Megan participate in the ” Pub ” hub ” scheme to offer WiFi service that will allow mobile to work properly.

Pub plans for placement of a laptop for your clients to use at the bar.

“Rural communities, and in this country the rural way of life, faced with unprecedented challenges. Country pub, which was in the centre of village life for centuries, goes into many areas. The provision of services from the pub, such as mail or store, keep an invaluable service in the village”.

– said Prince Charles.