In the princely family of Monaco for the first time in the history the twins were born: who will inherit the throne? News

Destined to reign son Prince Albert, and not her daughter

Prince of Monaca Albert II  finally acquired a legitimate offspring – the evening of November 10 his wife Charlene gave birth to twins. For the first time in more than 700-year history of the principality has got with two heirs. However, given that the twins still heterosexual, the mechanism of succession to the throne is clearly defined. Future monarch is destined to become a boy, even though he was born a few minutes later, his sister.

As you know, the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock was important for the prince, among other things, in terms of addressing the issue of succession. Back in 2002, the parliament approved a law of Monaco, according to which in the absence of the monarch’s children born in wedlock, the power will be subsequently transferred to the children of his elder sister of Prince – Carolina. That the heirs have already got – she has four children from two marriages.

And the prince until now were only illegitimate offspring. Officially, he found two of their children born out of wedlock – Jasmine Grace Grimaldi (she is now 22), who was born to American Tamara and 11-year-old Alexander Costa, who was born on the French-born Togolese stewardess Nicole Coste.

Now there are legitimate children of Prince Albert II. Girl and boy were born with a difference of two minutes, were named Gabriella Marie Therese and Jacques Honor Rainier. Gabriella was born before his brother, but the throne goes to him, since inheritance is patrilineal. In the history of the principality known only one case, when the throne was given to a  woman. Jacques has already received the titles of Crown Prince of Monaco and the Marquis de Bo, and Gabriella – Princess of Monaco and the Countess de Karladez.

– Two for the price of one baby! I think it’s very good for the image – quoted by the AP chief editor of a secular weekly Point de Vue Adelaide de Clermont-Toggno – Twins always have an extra interest.

In honor of the birth of children were made 42 gunfire. According to tradition, in such  situation there are 21 shots, however, when it became known that the twins were born in a traditional ceremony made the appropriate adjustments.

Recall pregnancy Charlene was officially announced back in May, September and became known that the child will not be alone. It is reported that doctors who took birth, had to resort to caesarean section.

Considered a long time eligible bachelor, Albert II, is the son of Prince Rainier III and the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, met with South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock, in 2000, and appeared in public together at the Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin. However, the engagement was announced only four years later. Their magnificent wedding was one of the highlights of 2011, although, of course, is not as large as the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.