Putin has personally apologized to Elton John News

Lotteries have become a popular topic for youtube. We all laugh, and laugh at someone else is more fun. But sometimes such actions do not fall within the scope of law and cause big problems. Because of this the President of Russia V.V Putin had personally called Elton John, in order to apologize for the joke Russian prankerov.

Elton John himself commented on this act of the president: “I’m very flattered that he called me. I look forward to a meeting personally to discuss Vladimir Vladimirovich some questions.”

In addition, British rock singer said that Putin was very kind and he has a pretty not bad English.

Note that the known prankery Vova (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexei Stolyarov), the singer decided to call on behalf of the president. Vovan was talking to John, who was presented by Putin, and Lexus, who identified himself as Putin’s press secretary.

Putin has personally apologized to Elton John News

Famous prankery Vovan and Lexus

“Yes, it was us. Alexei has an excellent English, so he introduced himself, “Dmitry Peskov” and translated the conversation. A “Vladimir Putin” was me, “- said the Reds.

However, the singer was not angry at the rally, and, moreover, wrote in his Instagram, the president invited him to the meeting. Putin denied the conversation, but the invitation did not give up. But Vova and Lexus refused to apologize to the British star, and not how much regret the deed.