“Russian” is prohibited by a court and accused of extremism News

Social movement “Russian”, which is led by the notorious nationalist Dmitry Demushkin and Alexander Potkin was prohibited by a decision of the Moscow City Court. “You can not ban something that is not” – said the representative of the movement in court, pointing out that “Russian” is not registered in the Ministry of Justice.

“Russian” is prohibited by a court and accused of extremism News

D.Demushkin and A.Potkin

Odious and the protest movement’s leaders roll the situation. One only Demushkin arrested 10 times since the spring of this year. Against Alexander Potkina there is an act  prosecuted for stealing $ 5 billion of Kazakh BTA Bank, as well as the creation of extremist groups aimed at undermining the state and violent regime change. Such materials shared law enforcement officers from Kazakhstan. Thus, in the case of detention, Potkin face long prison term.

Demushkin has repeatedly stated the need for a violent seizure of power and the formation of combat units for the implementation of such a scenario. However, the real possibilities of movement are greatly exaggerated. Despite the wide public “advertising” in the form of constant attention from the media, supporters of the movement is extremely small. Therefore, the activities of its leaders rather like individual stocks than the full social movement or political party.

In our opinion it would be appropriate to link the news to the prohibition “Russian” with another event – the detention of 26 Boris Mironov. Both news can directly relate to the upcoming “Russian march”, which traditionally is preparing to hold November 4th. And if Boris Mironov in the upcoming rally can go a few hundred people, Dmitry Demushkin with their “Russian” can lead to a few thousand.

Exceptions are political forces that occupy open opposition and nationalist stance of “Russian march” is to create the impression of consolidation of power and society. Stands and processions will be occupied by the parliamentary parties, controlled by public organizations, such as the “All-Russian People’s Front”, “GCD” E.Fёdorova or “Antimaydan.”