Spanish public respects Felipe VI more than the government News

In the latest public opinion survey published by Spain’s Sociological Research Institute it transpires that 57.4% of those questioned value the King’s contribution positively, and this has caused the Monarchy to rise one place in the league table of the most trusted public institutions. Only 17.8% of the participants believe that the monarchy is making a negative contribution to Spain, while another 23.8% opted not to decide.

On a “trustworthiness scale” of 1 to 10 the Monarchy now scores 4.34 points, considerably better than the 3.72 of a year ago, and is in fifth place having leapfrogged the Ombudsman. Ahead of Felipe and the institution he represents in terms of respect are the Guardia Civil, the police, the armed forces and, perhaps surprisingly, the media.

The worst scores on this scale are reported for the political parties (2.23), the trades unions (2.61), the government (2.77) and parliament (2.83). The regional governments and parliaments fare slightly better, with scores of above 3.

The Catholic Church ranks seventh on the list of 16 institutions with a score of 3.61.