Syrian army took the town of Mahin – an important strategic point News

Russia Today is pleased to announce that the Syrian army took a control of population center Mahin, located near the international highway Homs – Damascus. ISIS militants captured it in early November, the fighting for the city lasted almost a month. Government troops have achieved new successes in the province of Homs, thanks to the Russian air support.

The situation with the onset of the Syrian army is contradictory. Due to objective reasons the army of Assad practically can not develop the offensive. We already wrote about the difficult situation in which it is located. The Syrian army needs people. To date, the number of ISIS militants has about 60 thousand people, while the Syrian army was reduced to 30 thousand people and the possibility to make up the loss of almost exhausted. The army of today is not even able to keep already fully occupied city that showed the same Mahin captured militants had during Russian bombing in early November.

Most of capable forces under the control of the Syrian military command – a mobile team and a group of special forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Revolutionary Guards), Iraqi volunteers Kurdish armed group (the Peshmerga), Lebanese “Hezbollah”. It is similar Brigade conduct offensive operations. The Syrian army is involved either as a support (tank, artillery), or to a TV picture.

Russian aviation and maritime groups cause only minor damage to the militants and can assist the Syrian army on only a limited front.

Recall that the fighting between the army and “postantses” began in 2011. At the time, Russia did not consider it necessary to intervene in the conflict, although the situation was quite different.