Tajikistan began a witch hunt! Why is Rahmon afraid of sorcerers? News

Yesterday, President Rahmon has signed amendments to the criminal code to toughen punishment for witchcraft and sorcery. From now on, people can get involved in the magic of up to 7 years in prison.

The adoption of such a law is unique in that nothing like this in Europe has been taken for the past two hundred years. The last sentence of witchcraft in Spain (200 strokes of the cane and a 6-year exile) were appointed in 1820. The last was executed in Europe for witchcraft is considered Anna Gel’d executed in Switzerland in 1782

To date, there are not many countries where witchcraft is punished by imprisonment. Usually it is the African countries, and there is legislation aims to protect the life of the mountain sorcerers themselves perturbed by the crowd, ready to kill them. In other cases, witchcraft likened to fraud and is punishable by fines.

Tajikistan began a witch hunt! Why is Rahmon afraid of sorcerers? News

What is the reason tightening “antiwitch” law in Tajikistan, which existed before and was limited to a fine, clear. A number of journalists suggests that the reason was the increase in the number of traditional healers, fortune tellers, which at the time of adoption of the law in 2008, there were about five thousand according to the Interior Ministry. Today the number has doubled.

Drawing parallels with the Russian “Kuzey god”, we can say that in some cases these penalties are justified and have a positive impact on various aspects of life in society.