The 70 anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated kisses News

Some hundreds of couples came to an action in New York to repeat the well-known kiss of the seaman and nurse imprinted in the well-known picture which was made in the Victory Day over Japan on August 14, 1945 report on Friday the American mass media.

That is called, “on the same place, in the same hour” on Friday hundreds of “seamen” and “medical sisters” who tried to repeat a pose most precisely were going to Times Square: men strong embraced women who deliberately put aside the right foot back.

The 70 anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated kisses News

By the way, as told Eyzenshtadt about the seaman, “it rushed on all street, all women whom saw – not very well were enough, there were they elderly, portly or harmonous”.

“I ran before it with “Watering can”, being wrapped and trying to make a picture. And here, suddenly – as flash – I saw that he grabbed something white. I turned and pressed the button”, – the photographer remembers.

The sculpture of the seaman and nurse, imprinted by the photographer in August, 1945 is placed into the square. About it dances to the sound of music are executed military years. At some point on command all attendees have to repeat the well-known kiss. Everyone can participate in an action. The coordinator of the program notes that the action is already rather known in the country, it passes the fifth year and annually collects more and more participants and the press.

“It would be desirable that here today there were also representatives of Russia. We would like to tell: “We together, we saved the world together”. The world owes the Russian people so much. He made a huge sacrifice” — noted Hegg.

The 70 anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated kisses News   Many veterans of World War II became guests of honor of an action. This year start to a marathon of kisses to Times Square was given by veterans Ray and Ellie Williams. It in a military uniform, it — in a white dress and the nurse’s cap. They got married next day after long-awaited news about the end of war and on August 15 will celebrate the 70 anniversary of a wedding.

On the well-known picture not Ray and Ellie are depicted. Names of his heroes, long time didn’t manage to be established. Not one article of the American newspapers and magazines is devoted to this riddle. In the late seventies “that nurse” was. Edith Shane working in August, 1945 in city hospital appeared it.

Searches of the become famous seaman proceeded much more long, and applicants was much. As a result it was succeeded to find George Mendonsu. As it became clear, 70 years ago to Times Square passed one of its first appointments to Rita Petri. George who only came back from Philippines and expecting further sending to service admitted one of interview that news about the end of war together with couple of drunk alcohol glasses strongly made dizzy him. Rita in one of interview shared that wasn’t against an unusual trick of the friend who wished to kiss other girl — the nurse who is nearby. Petri and Mendonsa are married still.

The 70 anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated kisses News