The columns Parisian, the duke French supported idea of return of remains of the King Charles X News

The head of the French Royal House His Royal Highness of Prinze Heinrich (VII), the Columns Parisian, the Duke French, officially supported activity of “For Return of Charles X and Last Burbons” Association. The successor of nice Kings of France assured the president of the organization Nicolas Doyllen that it “as the Head of the Royal House of France will give help of Association in its project in all available ways”.

The columns Parisian, the duke French supported idea of return of remains of the King Charles X News   Henry VII French

The association was created in 2013 by 25-year-old professor of history and geography Julien Morvan and the 35-year-old firefighter from Cannes Nicolas Doyllen who decided to be combined efforts with the purpose to return remains of the last representatives of the senior line of the French Royal House home. The organization His Royal Highness of Prinze Jean Frantsouzsqui, the Duke Vandomsky, His Royal Highness Prince Karl Philip Orleansky, the Duke Anzhuysky, the Princess Chantal Frantsouzscaia and her spouse baron Francois Xavier de Sambussi already gave support to de Sorg, Her Royal Highness Printsessa of Marin Bourbon-Parma, Her Royal Highness Printsessa Tanya Bourbon-Parma, deputies of National Assembly of France from “The union for people’s movement” Eric Vyorn, Pierre Lelluchtch and Christian Estrozi (the mayor of Nice), the communist mayor of Saint-Denis Didier Poylar, the former Minister of Defence of France Gerard Long, and also the member of the French Academy Alain Deco, famous French journalists and writers Stephane Burn, Mari de Perousse de Car, Michele de Dekker’s Jean, the actor Lorant Deutsch.

After events of July revolution of 1830 the King Charles X with a family not for long lived in Great Britain, and then got over in Austria where ended days in 1836. The monarch was buried in Annunciation Church of the Franciscan monastery to Kastanyavizza (nowadays it is Kostanyevitsa at Nova-Goritsa in Slovenia). Later near it passed away: his eldest son Prince Ludovic (XIX), Duke Angulemsky (1775-1844), daughter King of Louis XVI and Charles X Printsess’s daughter-in-law Maria Theresa, Duchess Angulemskaya (1778-1851), granddaughter Duchess Louise Parmskaya (1819-1864), grandson Prince Heinrich (V), Graf de Chambor, Duke Bordossky (1820-1883), and spouse of the last Ertsgertsoginya Maria Theresa the Austrian (1817-1886). In 1839 in a crypt of church also the faithful servant of Royal Family Pierre Louis Jean Casimir de Blacas of d’Olps, the 1st duke and the prince de Blacas was buried (1771-1839).

The columns Parisian, the duke French supported idea of return of remains of the King Charles X News   Coat of arms of the Orleans House

Return of the last representatives of the senior branch of the House Kapetingov would be the step restoring historical justice. In a tomb of Kings of France in Saint-Denis still there is a black gravestone without inscriptions prepared by the King Charles X after a funeral of the brother King Louis XVIII, but there is one problem. Justice of reunion of a family in a patrimonial tomb is broken by that the commune of Saint-Denis became a place with small tolerance, high crime rate and the lowest standard of living in recent years. It is better for indigenous European not to visit alone this suburb of Paris (about what police officers on border of the region even not of lonely Europeans sometimes warn). It would be worth thinking of other place where the people who are so unfairly expelled from the country could pass away together, but now on their native earth.