The Ekaterinburg children started being treated for obesity News

The Sverdlovsk regional children’s clinical hospital No. 1 began the new program for treatment of the children having obesity. Reported about it in medical institution. Also it became known that the group of children of 12 people who will receive medical treatment is already gathered.

The Ekaterinburg children started being treated for obesity News   The low-calorie diet, remedial gymnastics, reflexotherapy which assumes impact on two active points by method of imposing of a special clip is provided in the program of rehabilitation: on the point dulling feeling of hunger and accelerating a metabolism. Very important stage of a course are occupations with the medical psychologist who provides correction of food behavior and development of the communicative skills so necessary for children with a metabolic syndrome. At the end of a course indicators of physical development will be compared, to be estimated dynamics of body weight, all information will be discussed with children.

Obesity – the real problem of the developed world. Especially it is particularly acute in the USA. Russia takes moderate positions so far – the 19th place in a rating of the countries having obesity. By the way, is interesting the fact that on the first place there are not USA, but Mexico. Arrival to this country of the American fast food made the business. On the second place of the USA, on the third and fourth – until recently developed countries of the Arab world Syria and Libya.

Nevertheless all note. that for the last decade in Russia there were many people, having obesity and associated diseases, such as diabetes, warm (a hypertension, a myocardial infarction), digestive, kidney and others. The grown fat people live a little, average age of the people having obesity doesn’t exceed 55 years.

Obesity among children – a problem of more serious order. which demands immediate permission. Therefore the initiative of Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital can and has to be apprehended also by other medical institutions.