The first child was born in Spain from a woman infected with a Zika virus News

Almost every year in the world there is a disease that infects people, regardless of their country of residence. If earlier it was, for example, Ebola, now Zika virus causes many people to suffer. So the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the country recorded the first case of the birth of the child from the mother who has the disease.

The first child was born in Spain from a woman infected with a Zika virus News

The publication revealed that the woman contracted the disease when being pregnant, she was in Venezuela. As a result, the child was born prematurely. According to the clinic, the patient already was discharged home, but she had to leave a child in a medical institution.

Now specialists carried out a careful study of samples taken from the newborn. However, until now it remains unknown whether the Zika virus could be transmitted from mother to child.

It is believed that the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes that live in hot tropical countries. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women, because the fruit can be greatly affected by the presence of virus in the mother’s blood. That is why many world powers are alarmed and urge their citizens not to visit such regions.

However, those who still decided to travel, have to know the basic personal safety measures. Usually, mosquitoes accumulate in tanks with a small amount of water, so their use should be avoided. It is also necessary if possible to wear special protection for the face and body, so you will not become a “victim” of the dangerous insects attack.