Interesting facts about Ivan IV the Terrible News

During the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible were made important reforms. It was the first not only in Russia , but also in the world. You can read the interesting facts about Ivan IV the Terrible, characterizing his reign on the other hand.

1. Was introduced trial by jury as one of the principal organs of the administration of the courts.

2. Enter a medical quarantine at the borders.

3. Enter the first regular army, and the world’s first military uniforms. Further, the reform spread to European countries.

4. Enter the local elected government, stimulate the development of regions.

5. Prohibited slave labor. Each work should be adequately paid.

6. Enter a state monopoly on the fur trade.

7. The country has been increased 30 times. Borders were strengthened.

8. Emigration from Europe to Russia exceeded 30 000 families.

9. The growth of the welfare of the population was several thousand percent. Poverty, hunger in the past.

10. During the reign of Ivan IV guilty criminals was executed only after the investigation and trial. The total number ranged from three to four thousand. While in Europe the same number of victims could be killed in one night (Varflomeevskaya night).