The King of Sweden called to ban baths News

King Carl XVI Gustaf unexpectedly called to ban a bath. Their use goes with too much water and it is harmful for the environment, he said.

Carl Gustaf XVI said it in an interview with Svenska Dagbladet on the eve of the discussion at the UN environmental problems, reports The Local, – “All baths should be banned”, – quotes its publication.

The King of Sweden called to ban baths News

King told why he suddenly came to this conclusion. The fact is that in the morning when he was going for an interview, he had poured the whole bath to cool off as the room in which he was staying, there was no shower.

“Bath requires huge amounts of water and energy. And I suddenly realized that it’s wrong that I had to use it. I was ashamed, really, “- he explained.

Later, he admitted that the offer was a bit frivolous, but stressed that it is the truth – “Things seemed to be – little things, but they have a significant effect” – flattened corner king.

Conference devoted to the protection of the environment and it take place in Paris on November 30th. The King of Sweden has long been interested in environmental problems and have repeatedly participated in such events. It is known that he has a huge car park.

“Now I have a hybrid car. So when I go to town, I use only electricity in a fuel “, – answered questions from journalists about his King fleet.

He also said that he is eating meat as little as possible within the framework of respect for sustainable lifestyles.