The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News

The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News   This time the question was on the agenda – the discussion and vote on the law “About the nobility”, the draft of which was discussed in our previous article. The text of the bill was issued in advance for discussion and clarification. Senators and guests read dokuments interest, identifying the most important articles and advice for themselves. The ideological essence of the monarchy today is reflected in the opening speech of A.A. Bakov. Ertschancellor explained the contradiction of today’s forms of government, as well as a feature of social inequality. He also noted the failure of the case of Western Enlightenment – Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire, and destructive to society degeneration of Western democracy. Also, the Russian reality has not gone unnoticed. Anton Alekseevich openly described the causes of many Russian problems – the extermination of the Russian aristocracy, the violation of virtue and honor by the ruling elites.

“People are born unequal. And if modern democracy hypocritically silent about this, stating that the source of power is the people, we openly say that the Emperor is our source of power.”

The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News

Further Ertschancellor drew attention to draft law:

“The law of the nobility is the next important step of building the Empire. It is a moral reference point for people of all classes, and a guide to action for the nobility.”

The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News   As we said earlier, the final version of draft law appeared, consisting of three interconnected parts – the Law “On the nobility,” the law “On the Imperial Court”, the Law “On Imperial destinies.” Anton Alekseevich noted that the federal structure of the Imperial Throne is “wider than the confederation.” This will be the association, associated state, such as, for example, the Vatican and Italy.

Senators and visitors particularly interested in the article “About the treason.” Ertschancellor A.A.Bakov explained that change can only happen in a relationship. Between husband and wife, between liege and vassal.

After the discussion, which was to refine and interesting issues concerning the contemporary application of the law, the bill was passed almost unanimously.

Photos from the meeting:The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News   The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News   The law “About the nobility” by Anton Bakov News

Imperor continues to follow events in the life of the Government of the Imperial Throne and Yekaterinburg Senate. Adoption of the law “On the Gentleman,” which A.A.Bakov lucky to sign the Emperor Nicholas III – the greatest milestone in the history of the new state.