The leader of the Monarchist Party of Russia Anton Bakov of the “Russian Hong Kong” in Montenegro News

A number of Russian investors at the meeting which was held on February 2, decided to launch an ambitious project, which aims – to create an offshore zone, which would be operated in accordance with the interests of the Russian economy. According to the businessmen, the emergence of such economic zones dictated by the unfavorable economic situation and an endless series of sanctions.

If the project will be developed, it will be attended by the banking sector and the companies that fall into the black list of the EU countries. The emergence of offshore expected on the territory of the second largest city in Montenegro – Niksic. “Crusade” against the sanctions led a Russian businessman, leader of the Monarchist Party of Russia Anton Bakov.

– Anton Alekseevich, please explain what is the need for an offshore company in terms of historical and economic feasibility?

– Actually, we started initially cultural project related to the imperial throne. But we are realists and understand that the chance of a revival of the monarchy in Russia is vanishingly small. Since 1917, too much time has passed. However, we sit idly by and do not intend to move from empty words to real monarchical politics. To this end, we are building development plans in other areas.

The creation of “Russian offshore” Constantinople – is an important stage of our work.

As for the economy, the situation has recently changed fundamentally, an event occurred which is absolutely impossible to predict. 11 months have passed and the world has changed completely, especially in that part of it which is called Russia.

The economy of the country, representatives of big business was under severe sanctions from the West. And suddenly it became clear that the old light, as it were obvious solutions to the crisis in the new conditions do not work. Because complex situation demanded difficult decisions that have to go out of the way deoffshorization and complicate the situation created by Russian offshore.

– Can You say that Western sanctions against Russian businesses have become the cause of your ideas with offshore company?

– Yes I Am. Moreover, this idea has been discussed with senior representatives of Russian big business, for example with “Rosneft”, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Academician Alexander D. Nekipelov were consultations with the scientific community.

And if we talk about the president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, the creation of offshore loyal to us – it’s all his old dream.

All of them say: “Yes, the idea is timely, we need your offshore”.

– But in Russia there are already special economic zones, why don’t You use them?

– It is very important in the modern financial system, the use of offshore operating under the British, not Russian law. This is an important point. And Alexander (Shokhin), of course, dreaming about such offshore.

– And how offshore in Montenegro will help Russian business? Why don’t You use Virgin Islands?

– Look, what is the essence of the sanctions to not give Russian companies to refinance, to separate them from large long-term money. Offshore helps solve this problem.

But, again, today thereis a situation which doesn’t have a confidence in a big business. One has only to recall the catastrophe in Iceland, where in 2008, “the country of ice” defaulted and the nationalization of the banking system. Then Russia has lost a lot of money, they have not refunded our business.

Next accident occurred in the area of Cyprus in 2013, when Russian companies are also badly affected by the freezing of accounts. Therefore, an area that would be loyal to us.

– But why Montenegro?

– We have a good, good relations with this country since the time of the search location houses the Imperial throne. We chose Montenegro because it has its own rich history of relations with the Emperor Nicholas II, this country owes much to our monarch, it has every reason to be grateful to Russia. Therefore, we can trust Montenegrins rely on them in this difficult time for Russia.

– Are there going to be any opposition to this initiative on the part of Western capital, the western countries?

– In this case, to Montenegro on their part can not be any complaints. It does not conduct any military action, does not compromise yourself.

Though of course, concerns from the West can be, because the action of “Russian offshore” untie the hands of domestic business, minimize its risks in the global financial system.

– You’ve already established the Supervisory Board of Constantinople. What are your next steps?

– We have sent a proposal to join the supervisory board of a major Russian businessmen, as well as members of the Government of Montenegro: Minister of Finance and Minister Radoje Zhurichu Investment and Tourism Branimir Gvozdenovic, as well as the mayor of the community Niksic Veselin Grbovichu. Our task is to attract the attention of an increasing number of people are interested in them, to capture minds.

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