The Mayor of London said that they have to unite with Russia to defeat ISIS News

London Mayor Boris Johnson in his newspaper column for the newspaper The Telegraph gave his opinion on the fight against the ISIS in the format of the international coalition, as well as inviting Russia to participate in these events.

The Mayor of London said that they have to unite with Russia to defeat ISIS News

“It is time to discard the mentality of” cold war “and stop being so picky in choosing allies, if we want to win” Islamic state”,- says London Mayor Boris Johnson in his column.

As you know, the Mayor of London is one of those politicians who favor the intensification of British involvement in the conflict. He said he did not consider this step of aggression. On the contrary, the efforts of the international coalition aimed at the establishment of peace and salvation of thousands of civilians from terror of ISIS.

“I do not want crazies of the ISIS continued to enjoy their idea of ??a caliphate, and do not want them to have the opportunity to promote their terrorist campaign”,- – said the mayor of London.

The most important theme of his message was that the United Kingdom is ready to cooperate with Russia. Moreover, he considers it a necessary condition for victory over ISIS.

UK bombing ISIS was satisfied, they have recently intensified. Boris Johnson says that is necessary to create a united anti-terrorist coalition, which requires the participation of Russia and the Syrian army. He stressed that is opposed to the Russian president, however, he believes that only by joint efforts of the coalition will be successful.

According to Johnson, the West and at the same time trying to neutralize the terrorists, and to prevent the strengthening of Putin’s power. Chasing two hares, the US and Europe risk being left with nothing, says the Mayor of London.

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced plans to strengthen air strikes on positions of ISIS.