The most “orthodox” project from Dmitry Enteo News

“Ban Leo Natanovich Sharansky” informs: Dmitriy “Enteo” is Tsorionov looking for sponsors for his new business project to create a religious media. “The infusion of at least 20,000 visitors a day,” – said the activist. However, what he says, you can see it for yourself at his screens.

The most “orthodox” project from Dmitry Enteo News

Our resource has not yet written about the dog Orthodox adventures Dmitry “Enteo” Tsorionova, many of which resemble a madhouse of mischief. An activist who calls himself Orthodox, according to his own conviction, for a long time engaged Buddhism and spirituality and … sight. Sight that the greatest glory and riches of this world can be obtained by militant and arrogant “Encyclopedias” around to protect feelings of Orthodox believers.

Although if you look, Enteo and others with him can not call themselves Orthodox. They do not love the neighbor, that is, break the commandment that Jesus gave us.

The goal of Christianity – not social service and charity, much less a crusade against the infidels, and the salvation and eternal life. The predominant activity Enteo crusade, taking the form of bullying in the absence of other instruments. By its actions it contributes to the negative perception of the Church. And it’s not in these perceptions. Speaking of the Christian language, these activists entice people to commit a sin in their thoughts, and thus take responsibility for this sin, despite the fact that the Christian must avoid sin.

Ancient preachers and missionaries carried the light of Christ to people through love, sincerity and care. Now there are almost disapeared, that would be their example shows what it means to true Christianity and true doctrine of salvation and the meaning of life. PR and monetization affect the ministers of the Church, outside the performance of rites and foreign charity has become a manifestation of faith among parishioners. Companion rescue instruments replaced salvation itself at best. At worst, the aim is material gain, and the Christian attributes and behavior – the means to achieve it.

If Enteo we see the defeat of his soul outside, material aimed at the destruction. In this sense, it is much closer LIH than the Russian Orthodox Church.