The new Consul of the USA in Yekaterinburg Markus Robert John Mikeli started the responsibilities News

In Yekaterinburg the new consul of the USA Markus Robert John Mikeli started performance of the duties. It arrived to the capital of the Urals on August 20. The new consul received this position after previous, van Mayerson resigned.

The new Consul of the USA in Yekaterinburg Markus Robert John Mikeli started the responsibilities News   Consul of the USA in Yekaterinburg Markus Mikeli

“I hope that my work will help development of the relations between the people of Russia and the USA here”, – he declared.

Markus Robert John Mikeli was born on May 2, 1965 in Brattlboro, the State of Vermont. Since 1991 – the personnel employee of diplomatic service of the USA. It is known that Mikeli worked in Moscow with 1992 on 1994, and also from 2002 to 2004. Besides, the new Consul general worked in Warsaw, Poland, and also in Ukraine (from 1996 to 1999), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also Montenegro and Moldova.

Specifics of appointment to similar positions are that the candidate always has long-term training. The diplomat in Russia surely is a lot of and long works at different positions in countries of Eastern Europe, especially in Moldova, Belarus or Ukraine where there is an opportunity to speak Russian.

So far Mikeli was the Director of affairs of the Central and Eastern Europe of National Security council. Before appointment to this post it dealt with the European issues in Committee on foreign affairs of the House of Representatives. He was also the deputy director of Management for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus in US State department in Washington and worked in Management of the coordinator of the American help to the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Mikeli has the bachelor’s degree on stories received in Read college, the master’s degree on the international affairs received in Columbia University and the master on strategic researches which he received in the Highest naval college. The new head of a diplomatic mission arrived to Yekaterinburg accompanied by the spouse and two children (6 and 3 years).

The consulate of the USA in Yekaterinburg fulfills duties in all Ural federal district, in particular issues the American visas.