The next meeting of the Imperial Throne government News

Today, April 2, it was the regular meeting of the Imperial Throne Cabinet of Ministers. According to the rule of priority, the meeting opens the heir to the Russian crown – His Majesty Nicholas III.

On the agenda Archchancellor Anton Bakov passed a draft law on the nobility of a sovereign state the Imperial Throne. After discussion, the members of the Cabinet decided to recommend it for a consideration at the meeting of the Senate.

It is worth noting that the chairman of the Office of His Majesty offered the draft law on nobility, consisting of six chapters.

“You know, I’m not from the nobility. My ancestors before the revolution were councilors, honorable citizens, priests. I understand that the aristocracy constantly beat because it has something. Nobility constantly reborned, and that’s fine. Even in ancient Athens to replace the demigods came wealthy potter Cleisthenes and became a new aristocracy. So it’s time to revive this immortal Institute”.

The next meeting of the Imperial Throne government News   The project is about Noblesse. Anton Bakov suggested a “Law on Nobility” of the Russian Empire

Minister of Investment Ilya Bakov noted the need to expand the composition of the Cabinet and proposed the introduction of two more ministerial portfolios: Minister of Sports and Culture.

The next meeting of the Senate will be held a week later. Imperor will keep you up to date with events in the life of the Imperial throne.