The official visit of the Archchancellor of the Imperial Throne Anton Bakov to the Republic of Kiribati News

On May 6, 2016 the official 7-day visit of the Archchancellor of the Imperial See, Anton Bakov and his wife to the Republic of Kiribati came to an end. The planning of the official meetings took half a year longer than anticipated, due to Parliament and presidential elections that took place in the Republic.

The bilateral talks with the former Kiribati government were started already in September 2015 by a delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Minister Kirill Zhesterov.

The aim of the talks from the side of the Imperial See was the establishment of an associated state with Kiribati – Romanov Empire, headed by His Imperial Majesty Nicholas III. The Kiribati  side expressed interest in gaining investments from the Wealth Fund of the Dynasty of Romanov in order to counteract the island flooding due to steady sea level increase as a result of global warming.

During the visit, the Serene Highnesses Bakov met with His Excellency, the President of Kiribati Taneti Mamaau. The President expressed his satisfaction with the suggestion of collaboration by the Imperial See, and gave the cabinet the task to prepare a project of all necessary documents.

The Kiribati side of the talks task group is headed by Tebao Awerika — MP for Betio (BTC), Minister of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD).

Along with him, the following MPs took part in the talks: Willie Tokataake for Communications, Transport and Tourism and Mikarite Temari for the Line and Phoenix Islands Development ministry, furthermore Atarake Nataara — MP for North Tarawa — Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), Ruateki Tekaiara — MP for Marakei — Minister of Labor and Human Resources Development, Tauanei Marea — MP for Nikunau — Minister of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MCIC), Tetabo Nakara — MP for Beru — Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD).

Furthermore, the Serene Highnesses Bakov hosted a gala dinner for the party leaders of the new ruling party of Kiribati and their spouses.

Ruling Party Executive:

Banuera Berina — President

Ioteba Redfern — Vice President

Tekena Tiroa  — Secretary

James Taom — Treasurer

Teburoro Tito — former President.

As a result of the talks, both sides came to several intermediate agreements, which are planned to come into force as soon as the Investment Agreement is signed, no later than July 2016.