The Prime Minister of Great Britain has been put for sale on eBay News

The Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron has been put for sale on the popular web site eBay. The lisiting was soon removed from the portal but users managed to  make the screenshot  before the removal.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has been put for sale on eBay News

The auction was due to run untill April 18th, but the administration of the web site has removed the listing.  For the time it was published on web site the price for the Prime Minister reached 65,9 thousand pounds sterling. It is equal to more than 6 million roubles.

The author of the advertisement appealed that used David Cameron could be bought for parts because he couldn’t normally work. The decision to sale the author explains as the Prime Minister is no longer needed. Man mentioned that the politician would not come with box and instruction.

The British press connect such “trick” with the last protest action which was held in London on April 9th  for the desposition of David Cameron from his position in the country government. The reason of it was in the scandal around revenue of politic and his father. It was founded that relative of the british Prime Minister, the multimillionaire Ian Cameron dealed with offshores.  With their help he sheltered the profit of his investment fund Blairmore Holdings Inc. form british taxation

However Cameron claimed that he had no relation to this case. According to his words he lives on his own salary and money which he gets from his house rent. He has never dealed with any finance machinations.