Two birthday of the British Queen News

Two birthday of the British Queen News

In Britain itself the official birthday of the monarch decided to celebrate the first, second, or (rarely) the third Saturday of June. This tradition was born during the reign of King Edward VII.

King was born in November, and was afraid that the celebration of his birthday this date will be overshadowed by the bad weather, which is why you can not normally hold the traditional parade – Trooping the Colour ceremony. This parade is held on the birthday of the King or Queen of Great Britain since 1748. Queen’s Birthday is not output in the UK.

In the countries of the Commonwealth of the date of the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday may be different, but it usually falls on the beginning of June.

Two birthday of the British Queen News

In her official birthday of the Queen, as usual, she took hits “removal of the banners.” This is one of the brightest ceremonies in the UK, for which in addition to the queen and her husband Prince Philip watching, and other members of the royal family.

This year, the company made the queen’s sons, a daughter and grandchildren with their families. The parade was the first in the life of the heir to the British throne Prince George, who will soon celebrate the second birthday and his first official public appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate after she gave birth in May, the second child – a daughter, Charlotte.

For the departure of the Queen in an open phaeton drawn by two horses, watched thousands of people. Many of them took place a few hours before the event. At the end of the parade the royal family returned to Buckingham Palace. From the balcony of the residence of the Queen and her family watched the solemn flight of aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

In reality, Elizabeth II was born April 21, 1926, but the official birthday of the Queen is traditionally assigned to the first, second or third Saturday of June.