Ukraine declares monarchy and doesn’t accept Kiev’s power News

Chernigov region of the Ukraine declared the monarchy and announced the independence from the Kiev’s authorities. Ukrainian and Russian mass media informed about that. Bakaevka village of Chernigov region is called “The World international exterritory of his Majesty Title sovereign people of Ukraine”.

Ukraine declares monarchy and doesn’t accept Kiev’s power News

The name of monarch is not disclosed however it is said that he has been ruling the territory for 14 years already. Economics of the self-proclaimed monarchy is being built on the cars to be taken from Europe on their territory and to be registered with vehicle number assignment.

Monarchy holds little activity in the internet. In particular there is official group in Vkontakte where 146 people are signed in for this moment. They have official web site which is called Congress of national minority of Ukraine. In these sources the information about one or another events in Ukraine is being published. In particular this monarchy aspires to join the European Union and openly announces about it.

As the official group of the self-proclaimed monarchy informs: “This group discusses questions about Ukrainian People to be turned to private persons – slaves without any nationality. What rights did you lose becoming a private person? Which rights does the beneficiary have and how to become a beneficiary (Beneficiary – a man who makes benefits and who receives benefits). We will discuss for whom economical reforms of the Ukrainian President in legal framework are made. There will be a lot of information about reforms in Ukraine which you even couldn’t imagine.”

The new monarchy receives popularity not only in Ukraine. Many Russians are interested in getting of citizenship.

As Ukrainian mass media clarifies the establishment of self-proclaimed monarchy in Ukraine became possible because of legitimacy gaps allowing carrying exterritorial activity. More than that the Ukrainian Security police informs that there are no criminal cases started regarding the organizers of self-proclaimed monarchy in Bakaevka.

It should be noted that there is no experience of self monarchy establishment in Ukraine. During long period of time Ukraine was a part of Polish monarchy and then of Russian Empire.