Vladimir Putin and The Prince Albert of Monaco. Friendship turning into a profit News

In connection with the recent publications in the Western press about offshore deposits of Putin, we would like to tell you about one fact which went out about a year ago in a documentary film «Who is mister Putin». It’s about the relationships of the Russian president and the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In 2011 the Head of the intelligence services of the Principality of Monaco Robert Erindzher informed the Prince Albert that the company named Sotrama which was registered in Monaco and headed by Dmitry Skigin was a link in the network of oil trading companies established by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his associates throughout Europe. The purpose of these companies was laundering the stolen money from the Russian budget, by investing them in the European real estate.

Later Erindzher, who was fired from his place, said that Prince Albert was bribed the president of Russia, and therefore he not only ignored such reports on the activities of the Russian mafia in Monaco, but also voted for Sochi as the venue for the Winter Olympics in 2014 in the rank of a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Later Erindzher filed charges against the Prince of Monaco, and said that he could confirm in writing communication of Prince Albert, Vladimir Putin and the Russian mafia. The current situation in this case is unknown. According to  Erinzher someone constantly puts a spoke in the wheels of the investigation at all levels – the Principality of Monaco and the European Union.

If we assume that everything said there is true, Vladimir Putin can not live without European monarchs with whom it is very easy to negotiate. They are in power for life (as well as Putin himself), so for a certain amount you can negotiate with the monarchs to protect your offshore and other instruments of money laundering.

Imperor doesn’t say that the information given in the film «Who is mister Putin» is true. We note that the facts which were presented in it, have much more weight than all the recent “revelations”, published by the Western press.