“Voikovskaya”: suicidal cheating News

Development Fund and the revival of historical traditions “imperial heritage” offers our readers an interesting and relevant material on the topic of renaming the stations of Moscow Metro “Voikovskaya”, named in honor of revolutionary regicide.

Dometius Zavolsky

The site of the Moscow Mayor’s Office “active citizen” since the beginning of the week there is a vote on the naming of the current metro station “Voikovskaya” and the construction of interchange hub. On the second day it became clear that the vote is – fiction. Whatever said on the site increased the number of votes cast divided by variants of answer they unchanged. For renaming – all the time 31 or 32% – against 55-56 for Korobochkin options “do not know” and “This should solve experts” – 7-8% and 4-5, respectively. Sometimes the “Total interest” is 98 or 101. Not notorious “146%”, but still impressive. For the accuracy of the anecdote about those 146% I can not answer – he did not see, but today is unfolding before our eyes a bad anecdote, as it said, the supreme chief of the Ural Commissioner Peter Voykova.

“Voikovskaya”: suicidal cheating News

There is no voting, the more open, in which the percentage of votes do not change up or down. At different times different strata of voters vote with their preferences. Upon learning of the majority in one of the sides, it was in a hurry to express their opposition to the adherents of a different view. In my collection of several dozen screenshots showing how changed every 10-20 minutes numbers of voters (and does not change the distribution of votes) from 6:49 to 14:20 November 3, 2015. During this time, supposedly 24,000 people voted without the two (the number of votes has increased from 106,976 to 130.974). Are these 20% of new voters were like peas Gregor Mendel, similar to the previously voted? Is the news that the opponents win rename “voykovskoy”, not strengthened the flow of his supporters? Not that every believer is always rename 1.75 enemy, but abstained seems to agitate his supporters, too, to visit the site and refrain (the correct preportsiyu).

Making “voting is” too, to put it mildly, questionable. The site where supposedly democratic expression decides to do one of the capitals of the world, are not spelled out any fraction of a percent of the votes cast or the distribution of votes on the answer. These little things are credible to the questionnaires news sites of lard “voting is” in positions of social networks. Server Moscow e-democracy such opportunities for some reason does not have and, unfortunately, looks like a unit in Bezbumlite of “Moscow 2042” Vladimir Voinovich. Let me remind you: in economy immature communist tomorrow “sergeants literary life” blindly thrashed all day, play whatever they want on the keyboard. The wires from the keypads to the left “computer”, the materials out of which enjoyed de kompisy experienced in rank. However, nothing but protruding from the wall of the circumcision of wires in the “computer” was not available. I do not consider this a satirist Russophobe and can only regret that he was not in the Russian camp, and that link to it rusoedy. But much sadder that it gives rusoedam thousandfold greater trumps.

“Voikovskaya”: suicidal cheating News

Why our bureaucracy is so ugly hold Voykov? Favorite Red argument “And could it in tsarist Russia …?” More comprehended demagogy about Stalin Subway 30s, but certainly not about Khrushchev “centipedes”. “Voykovsky” is not necessarily proposed renamed “Nikolaev” or “Koverdinskuyu” after the white avenger Boris Koverda. One of the most popular, to approve, including monarchists and alternative names – “Volkovskaya.” In a couple of houses on the street station begins Cosmonaut Volkov and is a monument to him – who died while returning to Earth, spacecraft engineers, the ideal “big brother” of the space 60s.

Financial arguments are simply false. No notorious “hospitals and kindergartens” in any case, will not get the money allotted budget on cosmetic work in the subway. All printing metro still is continuously updated as wear and tear, glue circuit one letter or a word is worth nothing. Over the past 25 years it has been renamed two dozen stations of the Moscow metro. Nobody wept “hospitals and kindergartens,” when the station “Novoyasenevskaya” renamed “Novoyasenevsky.”

On May 9th disappeared from the plan of the underground People’s Commissar of Posts and Telegraphs Podbelskogo. Yes, street Podbelskogo have not exist (and there is no surface of the Lenin Library), but the station did not rename simply “Podbelskogo” and called the “Boulevard Rokossovskogo.” Considered that so worthy. Commissioner Podbelsky involved in a terrorist operation, but not in terror. Commissioner Voikov carries direct responsibility not only for the murder of the family of the Emperor, but in general for the Red Terror in Yekaterinburg. Voikov – representative of the strain of the provincial and district security officers who are directly filled in Russian blood and overturned in famine and pestilence. Mainly, they are milled by his own and tried to forget, replacing fantastic heroes in leather cap and dusty helmets. Voykova lucky – he, along with the old agents of an international terrorist network Vorovsky and Krasin was killed while serving on the other hand, diplomatic line and immediately was included in the list of “person-ships”, but in the form of a large plant was in Moscow region. About Voykova in the Soviet time we could say good unless unappetizing lines Mayakovsky (nice rhyme went Krasin). Voikov – not even the Soviet Action Hero, empty or worst thing in life, but charming on the screen. From Voykova nothing remained dear to someone’s heart, besides the usual names Voykovsky streets and stations. That was immortalized Voikov – accident. What kept him today – madness.

What is the logic in it? Are Bureaucrats  afraid of bottom-up initiatives at all? Wish to please the Communists and inventedthem and “our veterans”, which used to play the role of “active” and bored by the foolishness of fools of both sexes between 70 and younger?

Red lobby is certainly there, and it is significantly wider than the Communist Party. His original qualities – intellectual laziness and cowardice. And they lead to deceit and folly, that we observe in today’s example. Many members of the red lobby did not consider themselves red. They just “our”. They are afraid of “ethnic conflicts” and “social tensions”, so hard (with fear and inability) to conduct hand it to these things. They put a lot of effort to ensure that Russia does not touch the red names were not talking about restitution, as little as possible to publish books, make films broadcasted on white, present Russia. “We already lost half of the country!” – Wrote 10 years ago in “Literary Weekly” a critic, outraged by the fact that in the new movie too many positive tsarist police. Apparently, they listened to him. However, in other rank themselves traditionally “in the art of understanding.”

A loss continues. If earlier krasnolobbisty frighten readers and themselves memories of what happens when you touch the monument to Dzerzhinsky, now they frighten Ukrainian leninopad associated with terror and lewdness. And it never occurred to them that terror and lewdness those that shape their own, that the content (historical, so to say, the destruction of a huge Russian Mission Russian), deserve be called neo-Bolshevik. A neo-Bolsheviks themselves lewdness with “Trident” and “Pagonya” screaming at full throat, and the enemy of all progressive mankind – “Russian communism”. That’s something they, Trident and Pagon, not despised their veterans and make this a pleasant and cowardly officials krasnolobbisty-staruholyuby.

” Are You a Russian patriot? So, and Soviet patriot, and post-Soviet patriot. So, you and Lenin, and Stalin and the Communist Party and the KGB and Putin. What’s wrong? “- Only that I peeled-caricatured Soviet crazy bastard, setting out from their overseas distant that Russian” Stalin colonists “in the Donbass have to” burn with a hot iron, “the rulers of Russia – to hang in The Hague, and a” 86% genetic garbage “act accordingly. Mutagenesis mental and moral freaks will not correct (that’s really what I especially do not like sovdep!), But to shout to them in response to “all progressive mankind” that its the worst form of Russophobia, stupid even from a purely military points of view. Krasnolobbistov touches ready to stand up for Russian interbrigadniki the left, but the possibility of such mobilization is very limited. But the benefits from mobilization of foreign man (and a man with a gun), “Russian Bolsheviks” and “Russian Gulag” Russia has experienced in his spine and so broken. And to convince this man in the street that “Uncle Joe Stalin” – is scary, much more difficult than to show him the true Russian, is not similar to the hats of babushkas.

They say that if today’s vote (or more precisely, lzhegolosovanie) about “voykovskoy” complete victory unsightly red lobby, the memory of the Commissioner will still be erased from the plane in Moscow a few years later, “when the people will be more ready.” Once already be more prepared. Residents have long been the least of the cities of Soviet Russia interfere removed from the everyday name of exemplary Bolshevik, t. E. Anti-Russian terrorist. Today we must speak out against the madness reinsurers against their shameful lies. We can not tolerate when  some reason is trying to save the memory of the character that put the last point in the black country actually dropping a potential world leader of the twentieth century in an acidic bog where Russia still has not selected. We start on the nose century Russian genocide. And again Russian mass murder under the pretext that they are “red.”

“Voikovskaya”: suicidal cheating News

P.S. 14:30 On November 5, 2015 on a site “active citizen” is considered 192,059 votes, distributed as follows:

32% Yes, I believe that the Metro Railway and interchange node you want to rename

55% No, it is necessary to keep the existing name of the metro stations, railway and transport interchange hub

8% No answer

5% This should solve the specialists

13:10 On November 6, 2015 accounted for 204,507 votes. Their relationship remained unchanged.