Who is the “Ban Leo Natanovich Sharansky?” Overview of a Vkontakte Public News

Getting an overview of public social network “Vkontakte”, which is of particular interest to the audience, as connected with the above, the interpretation of sharp-date information on the political, economic front. One of these is the Public “Ban Leo Natanovich Sharansky,” which in addition to their own vision of some well-known events, sometimes spreads information that can not be found in the public domain.

Who is the “Ban Leo Natanovich Sharansky?” Overview of a Vkontakte Public News

Public positions itself as a community of fans and admirers of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Besides the fact that the latter was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and a great writer, he was one of the most prominent dissidents 60-80h years. A man and a survivor of the Gulag held as anti-Soviet identity. Accordingly, after his death, the name of Solzhenitsyn was used as the new government and the liberal opposition.

As we have already mentioned,  public page of “Lev Sharansky Natanovich” comes the strange “blowout” of the material interesting content. Public Audience is not as extensive – 13 thousand subscribers, however, has been active, constantly commenting and regularly not only to view the records, and distributes them at home. Therefore, we can safely say that the overall coverage of public audience can be up to 130 thousand.

In our opinion, the authorship of this Public may belong to people connected with the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

This explains the insider periodically pop up in its pages. Also on the public to actively made a humorous collection of images that cause the laughter of the audience, while the other part of it violent indignation. For this reason, many believe that a group led by the very liberals, who declared his idol Solzhenitsyn well, or their descendants.

More confidence in our words at the expense of the Presidential Administration calls that the awake of public movement “The White Ribbon” is like making fun of the movement area. The story itself “The White Ribbon” is covered with quite contradictory information. Someone believes in independence and unequivocal opposition of this motion. Someone said, “The White Ribbon,” is a project of the same Presidential Administration, and then something through the “tape” sees the outline of the US State Department.