Russian Literature: Ivan Andreevich Krylov Persons

February 13, 1769 was born Krylov Ivan Andreevich – Russian writer, poet, fabulist, publisher of the satirical and educational journals. Is best known as the author of 236 fables.

The education of future fabulist received scant, but having exceptional ability, a lot of reading since childhood, he became one of the most enlightened men of his time. Ivan Krylov spent the first years of his childhood traveling with his family. Learned to read and write at home. His father was an avid reader, after his son went to a chest of books.

Krylov learn French in a family of wealthy neighbors. In 1777, he was drafted into the civil service assistant clerk Kalyazin Zemsky lower court and then the Tver magistrate.

Ivan Andreevich perfectly played the violin at age 14 wrote a comic opera “Kofeynitsa”, and a few years later – the comedy “Mad family”, “writer in the hallway” and “Pranksters”.

At the end of 1782 Krylov went to St. Petersburg with his mother, which intended to petition for pensions and a better device fate of his son. Krylovs remained in St. Petersburg until August 1783 Upon his return, Krylov retired from being awarded the rank of magistrate clerk and entered the service in St. Petersburg breech chamber.

In the Exchequer Chamber Krylov received then 80-90 rubles a year, but his position was not happy and moved to the Cabinet of Her Majesty.

Few could compete with Ivan Andreyevich and wit. One of the envious once asked him:

– “And what does it all the time you print?”

– “So, after all the children read the fable – Krylov said. – The children have been known to tear the book, here and republish them. “

At the end of life Krylov was famous, his works were popular and the Imperial Palace. He held the rank of State Councilor and a large salary. From March 1841 until the end of life lived in the public house Blinov on the 1st line of Vasilievsky Island, 8.

At the funeral, Graf Orlov – the second person in the state, personally carried the coffin of Ivan Krylov.